Garmin Triathlon de Paris Île de France - Frequently asked questions
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Frequently asked questions

Registration for the event

How do you sign up for the Garmin Triathlon de Paris?

By internet only via the online entry platform using a banker’s card.

I don’t have a F.F.TRI. licence so can I participate?

Yes, however, you must sign up for a €20 Pass Compétition (Competition Pass) for the individual event. It will give you access to the race and enable you be insured. A medical certificate from within a year of the registration date specifying “Triathlon in a competition” is also compulsory.

How do you know if your registration has been confirmed?

Email confirmation will be sent to you though it is possible that the emails won’t reach you (anti-spam, email error…). Should you have any doubts, you can check your registration in the “My entry”.

How do I update my file with my medical certificate?

If you are not a F.F.TRI. Competition member - season 2017 and in order to definitively validate your registration, you must update your file in the My entry space with the associated proof:

  • Member F.F.TRI. - season 2016:  F.F.TRI. Competition Licence - season 2017
  • Member of other I.T.U. federations: I.T.U. Licence - season 2017
  • Non-member: Medical certificate “proving aptitude to the practice of competitive triathlon” or “proving aptitude to the practice of competitive sport” dated within the past year on the date of registration.

Email confirmation will be sent to you once your file is updated.
Your proof can also be posted to: ESAT EIA - Triathlon 2017, 86 boulevard Joliot-Curie 38600 FONTAINE

How are the race numbers allocated?

The allocation of race numbers will be done at the organisation’s discretion.

Can a friend collect my race number for me?

It is possible for a friend to pick up your race number for you as long as you have given that person a copy of your identification and your withdrawal order. Without the relevant identification, you will not be issued with a race number.

Does all the relay team have to be present to collect the race numbers?

Within the context of a relay race, the presence of all the team is not compulsory to collect the race numbers. The team member that is present picks up all the elements handed over when collecting the race numbers and is responsible for passing all these over to their teammates.

Is it possible to pick up your race number on race day?

No, it is not possible to pick up your race number on race day.

You will only be able to pick up race numbers on Friday 30 June and Saturday 1 July during the opening times of the Triathlon Expo.

Why is registration so expensive?

The organisation costs for a race in an urban area like Paris are substantial, as much in terms of the infrastructure as managing participant safety.

By way of comparison, here are the prices (primary rate) for triathlons of a similar distance in the world’s large cities:

  • London Triathlon: €135
  • Vitality World Triathlon London: €105
  • Hamburg Triathlon: €110
  • Stockholm Triathlon: €122
  • New York City Triathlon: €291
  • Chicago Triathlon: from €136


Is it possible to drop my bike off before race day?

Yes, and such practice is even highly recommended. Unless you decide to come by bike, the morning crowds on public transport prior to the race will make the transporting of your bike difficult. The bike park will be open on the afternoon of Saturday 1 July, opening times to be confirmed.

Is it possible to drop off my bike before collecting my race number?

Presentation of the race number is essential for dropping off your bike. As such, you must pick up your race number BEFORE dropping off your bike.

Is it possible to drop off my bike during collection of race numbers?

Yes, during your registration you can subscribe to the Service Privilège (Privilege Service).

In so doing, you’ll benefit from priority reception when collecting race numbers and your running gear, your bike and your transfer to the swimming / bike transition zone (T1) will all be taken care of. This option is accessible by updating your file in your My entry space. 

When dropping off your bike on Saturday, do you also need to drop off your cycle helmet?

It is not compulsory. We advise you to come along with it on Sunday.

Can you go barefoot from the bike park (transition 1) to the start of the swimming?

Yes, the journey through to the start of the swimming can be done on the tarmac. However, it is recommended that you kit yourself out with some light protection (socks, sandals…). Please note that personal effects that remain at the start of the swimming will not be transferred back.

How will the starts be spread out?

In order that the start runs smoothly and there is a good flow of swimmers in the basin, the starts will be given ‘with the current’.

Entry into the water will be via the locks on the bank, to which access will be free according to each person’s chronometric objectives.

Will my swimming things be transferred from La Villette to the finish?

Yes, a shuttle service is organised. All your city attire and swimming things must be placed in the bag lockers provided by the organisation. You will be able to pick up your things at the end of the race at the finish site.

Will there be refuelling stops along the course throughout the race?

Several refuelling zones are planned:

  • 1 liquid refuelling stop on exiting the swimming
  • 1 liquid refuelling stop at the start of the running
  • 2 liquid and solid refuelling stops along the running course
  • 1 liquid and solid refuelling stop at the event finish

Will time limits be set?

Yes, athletes will be eliminated:

  • After 1hr of racing on exiting the swimming basin
  • After 3hr30 of racing at the entrance to the bike/run transition zone (T2)

Do we have the opportunity to hire gear?

Yes, we offer a rental package for swimming and cycling attire for the duration of the race. Rented gear can be picked up when you collect your race number. These options are accessible by updating your file in your My entry space.

How is the timing done?

A chip will be given out to you during collection of the race numbers. It should be worn around your ankle throughout the duration of the event. The chip will act as a marker for the members of the relay teams, who will have to pass it on to one another at every relay change. Failure to return it for whatever reason will be billed at €30.

Regulations applicable to the event

Triathlon practice and participation in the Garmin Triathlon de Paris is governed by the Réglementation Sportive de la F.F.TRI.

Various equipment can be used to complete your triathlon. See the list of equipment that is permitted or not permitted on our Permitted equipment page. 

What type of bike is permitted in the race?

Road bikes, city bikes and mountain bikes are permitted. Fixed gear bikes (bike without brakes) and electric bikes are not permitted. You’ll find the bike specifications in the Réglementation Sportive de la F.F.TRI.

Is the wetsuit compulsory?

Use of a wetsuit will relate to the water temperature on the given day:

  • If lower than 16°, the wetsuit is compulsory.
  • If it’s between 16° and 24°, the wetsuit is permitted but not compulsory. We nevertheless advise a wetsuit as it will help you float!
  • If it’s higher or equal to 24°, it will be prohibited.

Is the helmet compulsory?

Wearing the helmet is compulsory during the cycling event. A hard-shell cycle helmet that has never suffered any impact, it must comply with the safety standards in force on French soil.

How do I attach my race number? Is it compulsory in the water?

It is compulsory that you wear the race number provided by the organiser. It shall be worn in such a way as to be fully visible from the moment you take the bike and through until you cross the finish line. It will be positioned on the lower back in the cycling and on the stomach in the running. It must not be cut, folded or hidden. A race number must be attached via a minimum of three points, including on a triathlete’s belt. It is recommended that you do not wear the race number during the swimming element.

Is drafting or slipstreaming permitted on the cycle course?

Yes, drafting or slipstreaming is permitted but it involves specific constraints in relation to the bike:

  • Extensions or clip-ons must be bridged at the front with a fixed trade device (without clip-on or personal adaptation) provided they do not extend 15cm beyond the front wheel axle and do not exceed the foremost line of the brake levers.
  • Spoked wheels must comprise a minimum of 16 spokes.

Can I use my MP3 or smartphone during the race?

Use of an MP3 is prohibited. A smartphone can only be used when stopped and solely in the event of an emergency.

Are integrated cameras such as a GoPro permitted?

Yes, an integrated camera is permitted but it is prohibited to attach it to the bike helmet and it must not constitute a danger for the athlete or the other competitors. The images may under no circumstances be used to challenge a jury decision.

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