Your week-end


The updated practical guide will be released soon.


The bib pick-up will take place on Saturday 26th June (10AM - 6PM), in the Village located at Parc de La Villette. To pick up your bib, you must present:

  • Proof of identity (CNI, passport or driving licence).
  • Your invitation, on which is a QR code (received by e-mail).
  • If you have not yet submitted your medical certificate on time to, or if it has been refused, you will have to present a valid medical certificate at the time of collection of your bid.

IMPORTANT: For relay teams unable to come and pick up together the bid, the person present must present the identity documents (a photocopy is enough) and the invitations of all the members of the relay team.

  • Once you have picked-up the envelope with your bib, you must drop off your bike in the transition zone (10m from the Village), at the location corresponding to your bib number.
  • To access it, you will have to wear your access bracelet (in the envelope of your bib), and wear your bike helmet on your head (FFTRI regulation).

No bikes will be accepted on Sunday morning before the race. Any participant who has not installed their bike in the transition zone on Saturday June 27th will be disqualified.