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Plan and Guides

Here you will find two training plans adapted to the race in which you wish to participate, but also adapted to your constraints and objectives. Developed by WTS graduate coaches, these programs will allow you to come prepared on Sunday June 26th regardless of your current level!

You can also find many tips to make sure everything goes well on race day on our Triathlete Memo page.

The intensity of a workout is measured on the basis of heart rate, so it is necessary to have a heart rate monitor. The determination of training intensities is ideally based on the results of an exercise test conducted in a medical-sport laboratory. In the absence of such results, the intensity ranges for each zone should be calculated from the maximum heart rate (MHR).

There are two equations that provide an approximate result for the MHR:

  • Men: MHR = 220 minus age in years
  • Women: MHR = 226 minus age in years

For athletes who do not have a heart rate monitor, use your feelings to determine your intensity.


The table below allows you to locate your area:

ZONESensation% of MHR
MAP (maximal aerobic power) Swift increase in muscle pain. Swift increase in respiratory rate (talking is very difficult) 92 – 100
T (threshold) Gradual increase in muscle pain. Gradual increase in respiratory rate (talking is difficult) 88 - 92
HE (high endurance) Slight muscle pain during exertion. Respiratory rate high but stable and under control (talking is possible) 80 - 88
BE (basic endurance) Very low muscle pain. No problem maintaining intensity (talking is easy) 70 - 80
R (recovery) No muscle pain. No problem maintaining intensity (talking is very easy) 60 - 70

WTS is a consulting company that supports individual athletes or companies in sports projects. Since 2002, WTS has been positioning itself as the leader in endurance sports coaching, in particular thanks to its network structure and innovative training methodology. Our philosophy can be summarized in 2 words: "Expertise and Proximity".


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Neither the organization of the Garmin Triathlon of Paris, nor WTS (program designer) can be held responsible for any health problem resulting from the performance of the proposed training sessions.