Garmin Triathlon de Paris 2022

Registration for the 2022 edition of the Garmin Triathlon de Paris is now open!

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The Commited Triathlon


As a leading event, we must be exemplary and proactive, particularly in terms of eco-responsibility and inclusion, the Garmin Triathlon is committed to a better future.

Based on our convictions and experiences at our other events, we have set up an ecosystem of environmental, sustainable, responsible and supportive actions involving our stakeholders and You, experienced or novice triathletes, climate ambassadors and equality advocates in this sport!
Swimming, riding, running responsibly means carrying our commitments and the solidarity movement into the world of sport by setting an example.


Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach is part of a progressive approach, supported by everyone and for all and in the wake of the GHG Charter (Action Charter for Major International Sports Events on 15 sustainable commitments).

- F.F TRI.

The Garmin Triathlon of paris : a triathlon accessible to everyone

For the first year, the Garmin Triathlon of Paris is proud to wear the LABEL SPORT ACCESSIBLE, awarded to the organization by the French Triathlon Federation.
This label was created to strengthen the welcome of paratriathletes on French triathlons. It is the guarantee for the registrants concerned to benefit from optimal security and accessibility conditions for their participation.

We are committed to:

  • Welcome para-triathletes and joëlettes pushed and supervised by their companions
  • Adapt the accessibility of transition areas, supplies, car parks and toilets accessible to RMCs, close to the sites,
  • Plan a delayed start,
  • Provide distinctive caps and bibs,
  • Promote and enhance access to sport for all in our communications,
  • Promote triathlon as a tool for inclusion

    Thus, the Garmin Triathlon of Paris is committed to making these accessibility criteria a priority as a public event.

    IMPORTANT: If you are a paratriathlete, also contact the organization to let them know you are coming, communicating your level of practice, your disability and any special requests you may have (example: delayed swimming start). This will make it possible to adapt the system to each handicap, and thus ensure the best accessibility of the race and the safety of all.


Project Manager - Paratriathlon Division

Amaury Sport Organisation


"Accessible" all also means : Adapt the sporting distances so that different levels of athletes can benefit from the 3 sports and become triathletes. Thus the Garmin Triathlon of Paris offers 2 distances:
The Olympic (single or relay) or Sprint, with less swimming, cycling and running but still three disciplines!

- F.F TRI.

The Garmin triathlon of paris : a sustainable triathlon !

For the 22nd edition, the Garmin Triathlon de Paris receives the SUSTAINABLE TRIATHLON LABEL, and thus reinforces its commitment to reduce its environmental impact.

This label, created in 2010 by the French Triathlon Federation, aims to identify organizations that are part of the Sustainable Development Approach and that implement concrete field actions. It's based on 4 major pillars: Environment, Governance, Social, Economy.

For this reason, the organisation sets up, in collaboration with the French Triathlon Federation a certain number of action measures, under 3 themes and several projects :

Discover all the information about the accessible triathlon on the PARATRIATHLON page.

The Garmin Triathlon de Paris wants to be the leader in sustainable sporting events that respect the environment and individuals. That is why we are committed this year to:

  • Reduce, sort and recycle our waste 
    • The Garmin triathlon is supported by associations and service providers who are experts and recognized in the field, with a controlled and adapted management to the field. Upstream and in the field, we raise awareness among participants, visitors and volunteers about waste management and selective sorting.
    • We reduce packaging at the supply points (bulk food products, etc.), set up "litter zones" on the route and the Village with bins positioned at each supply, inviting you to throw the right waste into the right one! You too, sort all your personal waste at the supply points. We'll take care of everything else !
  • Cleaning up the banks of the Bassin de La Villette 
    • Before the event, the banks and the competition area (course & village) will be screened by the expert hands of the cleaning service providers; a posteriori.
    • Be an actor in sustainable mobility, as much as possible: We promote cycling, public transport, carpooling and free carbon offsetting via CO2 calculators. You, as a sportsman who travels by bike, do not hesitate to raise awareness among those around you.
    • Offer a responsible power supply: in short circuit, avoiding unnecessary kilometers. And give to the association Le Chainon Manquant and Les Resto du Cœur, the unused surplus from the supplies.
    • Inform on/ raise awareness of clean water: SIAAP (Syndicat interépartemental pour l'assainissement de l'agglomération parisienne) will be present to explain their professions and raise awareness of the importance of water resources.

A sustainable triathlon also embodies sporting values such as the promotion of women's sport, mutual aid, solidarity, surpassing oneself, etc...

To make these victories last, we propose you:

  • Tips to guarantee you a good preparation (training, nutrition, equipment, race rules, FAQ,...). You will find all these tips here.
  • Training days in partnership with the Ile-de-France Triathlon League.
  • Being a parathiathlete is not just for men! Today, 21% of women participate in the event.
  • To make women even more interested in participating, the Garmin Triathlon of Paris highlights them on all social networks and our website.
  • Finally, we encourage mutual assistance, fair play and sporting ethics, for all and for all (perhaps to be detailed a little more...).